Eran Epstein

Mr. Epstein, Owner and Principal of E Square Capital, is responsible for the companies acquisitions and asset management of residential properties. E Square Captial specializes in acquiring, renovating, and operating residential properties. Over the last three years, Eran has acquired and renovated ten multifamily residential properties throughout New York State and oversees the management of 150 residential units and 350,000 square feet of commercial space. E Square Capital currently has approximately 300 units under developement, including the Holling Press Apartments in Downtown Buffalo, the Broadway Market Senior Apartments and the former YMCA complex.

Prior to starting ESC, Eran consulted at national real estate development firm, which specializes in developing apartments throug the use of tax credits and/or tax exempt financing. Since starting at the firm in 1999, Eran participated in the acquisition and development of over 800 residential units throughout United States and over saw the refinancing of over 500 units. Eran also serves as an asset manager, supervising 2,500 affordable multi family units and was responsible for overseeing annual budgets, captial expenditures and property performance.

Prior to his development position, Eran was a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs & Co. where he analyzed mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings for clients ranging from real estate investment trusts to telecommunication conglomerates.

Eran graduated from the University at Buffalo where he received a Bachelor of Arts, from Pace University here he received a Masters of Business Administration in Finance and from New York University with a Masters of Science in Real Estate Development to which he was accepted with a Dean's scholarship and Real Estate Institute scholarship.

Mr. Epstein is quad-lingual and is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysis, the NYU Real Estate Club and the Institute of Real Estate Management.

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